Nature and Its Hypocrisy

January 30, 2009
By Cheyenne Miller BRONZE, Pomona, Kansas
Cheyenne Miller BRONZE, Pomona, Kansas
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The sun shines so brightly
but what if it's actually crying?
The leaves in autumn fall gently to the ground,
but what if they're screaming on the way down,
cause now, they're dead.
The water ripples over the beaches in waves laughing
as it laps up to the sand,
but i think it's whispering,
"this is so boring."
The flower opens its petals to a beautiful morning but inside,
the pollen is wilting away.

The grass billows in the gentle breeze,
but if you look closely,
it's shivering and shaking.
The rain drops falling to the ground, a blessing to a hot and sunny day.
But if you listen closely you can hear the clouds crying and the tears they pour down.
The sand blows in waves over the hot terrain not really caring where
it's going.
But last month it wrote to its mother wishing it was back home.

The mountains so carefully peaked and pointed , look elegant as the sun sets behind them.
Now they can finally rest,
because over the long day they get tired of people trudging up and down their exterior.
As the wind whistles its way down a windy path floating over the peaceful streets,
Did you ever think that maybe it's escaping and trying yo get away?

What if nature was really like this?
Not harmonious, not joyous but actually dreading each day.
Nature and its hypocrisy,
kind of like people and theirs.

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