January 30, 2009
By Jessica Curry BRONZE, Pomona, Kansas
Jessica Curry BRONZE, Pomona, Kansas
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You read the title
You think it means one thing
But then you read the article
And find nothing
Love is wonderful
If it is true
But boys just say it
To get inside of you
It takes a man
To really love
And even then
Some flee like a dove
There is only one test
That I know is true
Only to see
If they love you
To find your real love
Listen to me
Do not make love
For then they are free
Free to leave
Free to go
Wait for the day
He asks for your hand
To give him a gift
That is oh so grand
Trust me young girl
I know what it is like
To want to please him
Before he takes a hike
But just remember
If he loves you so
He will wait for you
Otherwise he will go
I am not telling you
What you have to do
I am just saying
What I expect from you

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