Falling From Grace

January 30, 2009
By Rachel Simon GOLD, Rye Brook, New York
Rachel Simon GOLD, Rye Brook, New York
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I bury my head
Deep down into the sand,
And pretend I can't
Hear the waves crash.

I build up a fire
But I know I'll get burned,
So I watch as the flames
Turn to ash.

I wait and I wonder
If I can survive,
Another long night
All alone.

It's easy to change
But I know that I won't,
When it hurts just to
Reach for the phone.

Look what you've done
How I've broken apart,
Into pieces you can't
Just replace.

Watch as I stumble
Again and again,
And see how I've
Fallen from grace.

I stare at the ground
Counting all of the cracks,
'Cuz I can't seem to
Look straight ahead.

I walk in the streets
With the sun shining down,
But I just want to go
Back to bed.

I wish I knew why
I can't seem to find,
A way out of the mess
That I've made.

It used to be easy
To figure things out,
But when did I
Get so afraid?

I'm hurting and reeling and wishing I knew
All the reasons that I can't explain.
What happened to us and what happened to me?
I guess I've just fallen from grace.

I want to be mad
But I can't seem to be
Anything other than
Just a fool.

I can't make believe
That it's all going well,
Cuz I'm starting to run
Out of fuel.

See how I've fallen from grace.
Oh, watch as I'm falling from grace.

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