It’s Amazing How…

January 21, 2009
It’s amazing how…
I’ve been there for you so long,
Yet you appreciate me so little.

How I couldn’t imagine life without you,
But how you can replace me oh so easily.

How seriously you can say forever,
When you really mean temporarily,

How you can tell me you’d do anything for me
When you really mean at your own convenience,

How you can ignore me when I need you
Yet how quickly you call my name when you want a little help

How you can act like you’re on my side
Yet be so quick to turn against me.

How you can make promises with such a straight face
When you know you don’t intend to keep them

How you can make me feel like we’re so close
Then how fast to you seem slip away

How you say I mean so much to you,
But how easily you can pretend I don’t exist

How you can continue to throw these blades at my heart
When you know it’s already torn and bleeding…

It’s amazing how…
You can call yourself a friend.

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