January 21, 2009
A passion.
A beat.
Having careless fun.
When the music plays you dance to it.
Doesn't matter where or when it's to have fun.
You can dance anywhere.
When the music pauses you stop right in your tracks.
When it plays again the beat rushes over you and you get caught in the moment.
Doing whatever you want to dance like.
There are no instructions.
Dancing to what ever type of music you like. There are many choices.
You dance when you want you stop when the song ends.
You can dance this wild and crazy dance if you want. Whose to judge you?
You move swiftly to gentle songs.
You can go crazy to loud songs.
you can spin or shake for tango.
In dance you control the beat and you control how to reprsent that song.
Doesn't matter if other people are better.
It's your game to play.
Dancing secretly in your room or
dancing out in the open and anywhere you like!
The song ends and you end in a swirl.
The songs now over and so is this poem.

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Kattykat418 said...
Mar. 3, 2009 at 8:37 am
i am submitting a poem in response to this.
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