Nothing Compares

January 20, 2009
Nothing compares to the pain that I have been through
Nothing could do me justice to what falling in love could do to you,as I think I was nothing, but true to you, good to you, and so I see how you do
Nothing compares to how I cried for you,over you,and about you,as I think about the past,and how much trusting someone can really destroy you
Nothing I mean nothing you can really do to make me want to trust you,love you,behold the love you say you have for me,but I just don't think it can just be
We made love tenderly,you was my first, and only,but you still fought the truth,of me telling you that I do really love you,care for you,and trust you
So I'm ordering you to be honest with me,and with my feelings,because deep down inside I do trust you,love you,and behold something deep down inside of me about you!!!

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