Sitting on the Steps

January 25, 2009
By Lyssa Robinson, South Jordan, UT

Sitting On The Steps

A little boy sits on the steps
His house for 11 years
Waiting for his mommy
Or his pops to take him home

Never knowing either one
Never saw their faces
Wishing they’d come back for him
Wondering why they left…

A tired man sits by the boy
Asking for his name
The man remembers these steps
From a time long, long ago

The two become friends
Sitting on the steps
Waiting for something
They both have their dreams

Occasionally sharing the thoughts in their heads
Mostly listening…
Waiting patiently…
Sitting on the steps

Days go by and a woman passes
Walking down the street
She sees the pair and suddenly
Tears stream down her cheeks

The boy found his mommy
The man found his dream
The woman found her happiness
All are done waiting…

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