Perspective's Viewpoint

January 25, 2009
By Benjamin Butler BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Benjamin Butler BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Romance, that burns screaming holes through the sun,
Tearing away the sky in thunderous embrace.
Oh, nothing matters a much as a lover’s padded heart.
But those lonely fools, trapped on the outside,
Criticize with their sharp tongues
Insisting, “Oh, it will never last!”
But the lovers, they believe it true,
True love.

It all corroded away, as cartridges shed,
People ran, their skins hanging from their knees
My heart bled icy tears as I viewed that
Blistering trap
Gosh, it was hell, I tell you
And no one could speak differently about it
But they simply called it, in books
In movies
a battle
a war

Just wait till we can realize that we all
Sway to our own lick of the wind
Gusts revealing that
Night is day
Black is white
Eyes listen, ears speak,
The sun is cold, the moon is hot
Treasure is trash
Strength is weakness.

Everyone has their own perspective,
But in the end
it’s all relative.

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