I Am

January 25, 2009
I am inspired, inquisitive.
You dream of the clothes you’ll buy, the houses you’ll acquire.
But my dreams are filled with more than simply which price is higher.
I don’t wish for an object, or a car that great money can buy
But in my future I just wish to know why
My wishes will be granted only by knowledge.
My contentment only the product of travel and college

Because I am the future of this country; this Earth
The way it will be, the way it has been, the way it can be
All dependant upon my birth

I am loved, I am loving
I solely represent the purpose of being
But this open wound I bear is easily infected.
Sometimes around you I feel so unprotected.
Its as if you do these things to be accepted.

I am the hardwood floor you walk upon day by day.
You admire my strength and my being
But what I am constantly seeing
Is how you fail to protect.
So I endure, and I collect;
The strength I need so I won’t be wrecked.

Only I feel the pain
In your silly hurt full games.
And only I am feeling lame
From your strangely heartless ways

My mind and my heart say STAND UP: SAY MORE.
But I am only wood, nailed to the floor.

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