Irony in the Raw Form

January 24, 2009
The irony can be easily read in the lines of your face.
You smiled again today, you must feel better.
You always talk about leaving this place.
You'll always be doomed to the life of a goal-setter.
You're clean now, inside and out.
I don't know if it's changed you, wiped away the attraction.
Because we're both two negatives moving about.
But I'm made of metal and you're made of glass.
But there's iron in irony so I'll always come back.
You've made me anemic, flowing through my blood.
Rushing to my head, parallel to a biblical flood.
Smile again, just one more time,
And I will sell your soul for just a few dimes.
It's all I will need to satisfy my thirst,
For a life of grandeur and an ominous black hurse.
Go catch your train to wherever you're going,
I'll take the river and slowly be rowing.
When you're already there waving your hand,
I'll be somewhere off the coast with no sight of dry land.
The realization will be too hard to comprehend,
Like the way the sun hits the water then gracefully bends.
Until then I will stay lost in your eyes,
With a heart full of troubles and a head full of lies.
I'll try to start over, try to be a little nice.
And before I start to speak, I'll always think twice.
The end is not here, so we can still rejoice,
We can try to make something of ourselves, we can try to find our voice.

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Cory516 said...
Feb. 8, 2009 at 11:01 pm
Caleb, nice poem! It's really good, muy bien senor.
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