Forever and a Night

January 24, 2009
By Bre'uan Pole, Sterling Heights, MI

I will only love you
And just you
Every breath I take
I breathe in you
Theres no way
That I could just leave you
Your inbedded in my heart like a chip

When you feel my heart beat
It's beating for you
And if your heart
Were to ever stop
Mine would too
Now you know I could
Never live without you

When I lay to sleep
At night I only dream of you
Your my angel
That God gave to me
Not even the devil
Could take you away from me
I won't be left to greive

Last night I realized
I was fooling myself
Theres no way I could stay
Away from you
I need to be
Right beside you
I will be there to comfort you

Our hearts beat as one
We rise like the sun
When we gaze we're in love
When we don't it just hurts
I just wanted to know
If you ever loved her
I just have to know

If it was you and me
Just laying at the beach
Or us gazing at the stars
Just looking up above
We hold hands as we lay
We'll be together always
I won't have it any other way

I need you in my life
Even if I had to fight
I couldn't picture a day
Without you here in my life
I know I could never leave
My heart belonging to you and your heart belonging to me
I've been thinking about us having a family

There's no tellin what
I would do
Because I'm so in love with you
And my heart only belongs to you
If I ever needed you
Youd be here with me till my end
You just have to know that

No matter what It's me and you
Your the soul owner of my heart too
You are all I think about
And if I ever were to die
I'd still be on earth with you
No matter what we go through
I will always love you

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