Schizophrenic Subconscious

January 24, 2009
Who am I to blame, for what?
Keeping you hidden from tainted love
Hiding your soul in the depths of mine
Reaching for what’s left of life itself

It’s all unknown to you, isn’t it?
Well it shouldn’t be.
Cause I alone have tried my best
to seize the circumstances that held you

These delusions have left you clueless
My mind has you locked in nervousness
You cant fool me, I made you
I own every single thought in you head
All the exciting thrills, they're mine

So why do you cry at night?
It’s eating at you, right?
I am right, I’ve always been right.
Then and now, its been me that’s had
to pick your head up off of the pavements!

Whoa! Why are you still crying?
Oh, I know why...I know exactly why.
It's cause you’ve finally found out...
You don’t exist.

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