January 24, 2009
By JanineMay PLATINUM, Winnipeg, Other
JanineMay PLATINUM, Winnipeg, Other
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love is the millions of little things - like the time you made my lunch for me. love is you holding a chicken sandwich.

Seeing you
lying next to me
makes me wonder how i ever got here
Lying on your chest
listening to me change your heart beat,
i can't help but wonder if this is even real.
in the grass, we move like whispers,
we tumble and we mask our scent with
spearmint gum.
I place my hand in yours
and with a tentitivity i'm becoming known for
i close my eyes and let you look at me again
i let you see the emotion on my face.
every scar i have accumulated,
every freckle,
every place you ever touched,
as it glows on my skin.
I open my eyes to the pearls you offer me
the stars you promise me
I open my arms and i fall forward
not speaking the word love
ignoring every indication of it.
I fall forward
and the grass catches me,
like it was shaped for my body.
I watch your hands move while violet clouds
form and wash us with their blessing.
The drops drip off my nose and i roll,
letting myself be soaked and cooled.
the long day is over.
and every word we spoke falls on us with the rain.
tonight, the glowflies, like us,
bravely smile at the little shower,
enjoying every drop.
You catch me one in your hands, and offer it to me.
I take it, and let it fly away

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