January 24, 2009
By Lauren Kelly, Easton, MA

Silence is golden
loneliness runs through my veins
eating a gaping hole in my chest
no breath is deep enough to fill my lungs
as the loneliness eats away at the slowly
try as I might I cannot overcome this deformity
loneliness and fear paralyze my social life
alienating me from the world
solitude is my choice of poison
a double edged sword
for when my mood calls for a social encounter there is no one to be with
for the few weeks my mood allows me to be this way
I find that no one could begin to understand the inner working that is me
at least not well enough to endure my ups and downs
so I shut them out silencing them
silence is golden so long as my mood permits
so long as it keeps me safe
alienation at its best a form of self-defense for the heart

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