American Hymn

January 24, 2009
By Chanie Howard BRONZE, Duluth, Georgia
Chanie Howard BRONZE, Duluth, Georgia
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The doughboy admire his sweet, certain hands, kneading, knotting, stroking, sculpting a tantalizing masterpiece

The virtuous pubescent illuminates the tamed hills of comfort with his glowing emerald specks

The amateur impersonator raps her skillful feet against the hollow floorboard, her locks, weightless, affectionately waltz amid the summer's tender breeze

It laughs with beauty, hoots in hysterics, giggles with gaiety
It looks, and see hope
It hopes with faith
It dreams in glory, imagines in brilliance, and wonders in splendor

They say it is the envy of the world, the summit of Everest, the Beethoven of music, the Nile of rivers, the Admiral of Sparta, the Jupiter of Planets
They say it conceives dreams of the impossible, tastes triumph in defeat, subsists in foolishness

I am the navigator of the swift seas, the immortal knight of Arthur, the melody of desire
I am divine. I own those flawless hands, those luscious locks
I am captivating, startling, sensational

When I laugh, the world shrieks with delirious delight
When I look, close aspirations transpire
When I dream, my heart seeks matchless success

I taste succulent victory
I achieve the unachievable
I lie in the loving arms of my infinite imagination

I am America

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