The Rose

January 24, 2009
As waves crash the beach,
I see things I usually cannot see.
Oh how I wonder why.
How can it be?
Why can’t you see?
This is not a dream-
It’s reality!
Though I wish it was not.
I have been searching for the answer
To that question always there.
I wonder why.
Is it right,
That the rose is wilted?
Is it right,
To wonder?
Why should I answer you-
Why should I care?
I live in the shadows.
I live in the dark.
The light is so far away.
It’s been so long
Since I’ve had people who care;
It’s not like I’m loved.
I wonder why someone would take me in.
I do not know how they could.
The rose blooms,
After all these years.
I looked to the sky
Hoping this might come,
That the rose
Would come to life.
My heart yearns out to you,
To my new family.
I finally
Have a place,
A place I can call home;
A place that is mine.
No more running,
No more hiding.
I live in the light!

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