Life Long Puporse

January 24, 2009
By coral Davenport, Heath, TX

As we walk down the road,
We look through the past
Through the good and the bad,
It’s been a long past
But its coming to an end and beginning another,
We have gone through so much
Through our ups and our downs,
We’ve waited for this day
For so many years,
We have felt so small,
But now that we’re older
We didn’t do it alone,
We had our friends near our sides
Some guided us strongly,
Others did not
Some people tried to hold us back,
But we would resist
We looked to the future,
Staying close to God
Not straying behind,
And wasting our time
You may think it’s useless,
To not stay with the crowd
Yet people who do that,
Fall to the ground
People walk on this world with a purpose in mind,
Some of those purposes aren’t so fine
We walk hand in hand
Trying to keep the tears back
As this road ends
We all part our ways
Knowing in due time
Our paths may cross again in the future
Until that day has come
We must stay strong
For we have come so far
To give up now and throw in the towel
Would mean giving up on our hopes
On our dreams
The world is coming at us fast
But don’t fret
For our future is bright
We just have to trust in ourselves
That the new path will carry us far

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