The Followers

January 24, 2009
By Koby Dudley, Rogers, TX

Everyone wants to be an original, or so they say.
But then why do they all act exactly same?
It makes me so angry I could scream.

And they all have to have a pair of those stupid American Eagle jeans…

Why do they think you’re a freak just because you won’t swear?
And why is it that they all act like they just don’t care?

About anything except everyone else’s business that is.

What’s wrong with liking school?
Getting good grades shouldn’t make you uncool.
And who cares if you like to read?

But of course they all cheat.

They say they’re all friends,
And the party never ends,
But what about real life?

After college they’re gonna find strife.

They may look down on me now,
But I just remind my self how
in a few years I’ll be so much better off.

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