Bloody Tragedy

January 24, 2009
By Shawna Mount, San Antonio, TX

Crimson slithers down scarred flesh
From the carved wounds stinging her wrists
The silver thread slices deeper
Yet her yearning for the wounds is never satisfied
For no matter how much her veins pour
Her cup will never be full
Contemplation burns like sapphire flames
To bury the blade in her veins
Letting the blood blood across the cold tile
Falling into the depths
For nothing now can silence her wretched screams
Nor heal her swelled wounds
Nor fade her scars
No more tears left to crawl down
All that remains are black lines
Yet no matter how she is ripped to shreds
Still, hesitation consumes her
For within the darkness
Which she lies shackled
Holds a single candle's flickering
There, her eyes fixate
Whispered hope brushes her ears
Solitude envelopes her
Cleaning away the black lines
Healing the wounds
Silencing the screams
Breaking the shackles
He cradles her in his arms
Flooding the darkness with his light
Saving her from her own bloody tragedy

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