Ten Men

January 24, 2009
By Prachi Joshi, Pune, ZZ

Ten men on a boat,
Thrown together by fate,
All their birthdays seemed to fall
Within the same start and end date.

The boat started, very slowly at first
Their captain seemed to change from time to time
They laughed, cried and fought together
Through gale, storms and sunshine.

Ten men together on a boat,
Inept, yet it seemed to float.

When the boat hit rocks or rough seas,
They all came together and despaired,
Yet they never lost hope as
Someone always stood up and said, “I’m not scared.”

For years they sailed
Each one slowly grew into his own
They time they spent together was invaluable though forced
And many qualities and nuances they’ve shown.

Ten men together on a boat,
Inept, yet it seemed to float.

They celebrated and fought, always as a team,
No pirate or plunderer could break them apart
Every attempt just brought them closer
And now it has become a bond of the heart.

But now, the end has come,
The shore is now in sight,
No one believes the journey’s over,
And no one wants to alight.

Their time together is done,
Now everyone must go their separate ways,
What began an adventure must end in heartbreak,
But none will ever forget his sailing days.

Ten men together on a boat,
Inept, yet it seemed to float.

The author's comments:
This goes to all my school friends- 60 people I spent 13 years with, and now have to let go of..

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on Jul. 16 2009 at 8:22 pm
YogaGirl SILVER, Williamstown, New York
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"I can clearly see you're the daughter of a mother's aunt's grand-mother's uncle's father's grandaughter's daughter."~~~ "Wouldn't that make me a poptart?!"

I like this. It has some feeling to it, and it's truthful. You could be stuck with someone forever. When no one is watching, you begin to feel more and more friendly towards the person. Usually. It's a good poem.

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