One person, big difference

January 24, 2009
By Prachi Joshi, Pune, ZZ

One person, big difference

You looked at me, with eyes so thin,
Sitting comfortably, as I climbed in,
While standing, an old lady I happened to meet
She was in pain, so I asked for your seat,
You glared at me angrily, as if asking who I am
Disturbing your rest on the evening tram,
Here’s my answer: I’m just an ordinary man,
Doing his job as long as he can.

Grudgingly you stood up, and while doing so,
Dropped a candy wrapper, but pretended you didn’t know
You saw me scrambling down to find
What should’ve been in the dustbin, what you wanted to leave behind
Your eyes seemed to enquire, who did I think I was
Acting I was part of some noble cause?
Hear me then: I’m just an ordinary man
Doing his job, as long as he can.

Seething, you huffily opened your newspaper
I guess you thought you would deal with me later
Then you saw my photo on the front page
‘Nobel peace prize winner’ was the caption below my image
Your eyes then grew wide- what was my real name?
Yet my answer still remains the same
I’m just an ordinary man,
Trying to do his job as long as he can.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I was 16, but it took me two years to find a suitable platform. This poem is to emphasize how we look down upon those we think unimportant.

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YogaGirl SILVER, Williamstown, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"I can clearly see you're the daughter of a mother's aunt's grand-mother's uncle's father's grandaughter's daughter."~~~ "Wouldn't that make me a poptart?!"

it's really good. two thumbs up!

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