Ode To Lost Music

January 24, 2009
By Rae Rojnad, Cantonment, FL

Ode To Lost Music

Music echoing through empty halls,

Sweeping in and out of rooms long unkempt,

Telling stories of ancient balls-

Of grand ladies and grander gents

Of sparkling wineglasses and glittering jewels,

Of ball gowns with sweeping trains-

And gold filigree-laced water glistening in pools

Of light which over the house once reigned.

Fragile notes played softly, floating

On a vagrant breeze-

Gently drifting, slowly wafting

Traveling through bushes and rose-trees.

Out into a forsaken garden, once cherished-

But no more;

For now the flowers have perished

Their leaves strewn carelessly across quiet stone floors.

Sounds twirling through the air

Plucked gently on the wind

Speaking of secrets told with care,

Unspoken tales once spinned.

By starlit nights and sunlit days

Music sings its fated song,

Seeking for acceptance its own peculiar way

In a world of notes gone wrong.

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