A Little More than Nothing

January 24, 2009
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I can’t say I’ve ever felt this way before.
I can’t say I’ve ever felt this extreme.
And my emotions are spilling onto the floor.
They flow into the cracks and form a stream.

Have you not seen what you’re doing to me?
How deep you’ve gotten me into this water?
Have you not seen how you’re affecting me?
How do you not see how my life has altered?

This time… oh, this time I’m falling as fast as a star.
This time there’s no layer of atmosphere that’ll pause.
This time boy, you’re the first to run with my heart.
My insides melting…the effect. You…the cause.

And I’m yelling so loud!
Do you hear me?!
I love you!!!
…stay near me…

Ohhhh and this love is so lethal.
Who knows which turn is wrong?
And I’m filled with fright and mirth.
I truly, really hope this will last long.

You mean more to me than anything.
You have got me wrapped around your finger.
So baby, let’s be a little more than nothing.
So we at least have a chance of lasting forever.

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