If Only

January 24, 2009
By Ebonie Bruce, Lagrange, GA

If only people knew how hard it is for me,and the things I hold inside
I try my best to let it all out,but its so easy for me to hide
Somebody help me I'm drowning myself in thoughts
Maybe things are haunting me from the feelings I have fought
Somethings I can never change but I can let it all out
A friend is always there to hear what you're thinking about
If only I could find a way to let you know how I feel
I'd probably pinch myself to see if it's real
No matter how much I try hide, my heart will pump for you
Somethings are meant to be hid,so maybe it was best if you never knew
Because now I'm dodging and avoiding you so you can't see my blushing face
When you're walking behind me I try to pick up my pace
Just so you won't see how much I jump for joy for you
I really do like you,CAN'T YOU GET THE CLUE??!

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this because of a special "friend" in my life.You never know when you're gonna catch funny feelings about someone and can't control it either. If this is a good friend then try to avoid the relationship thing, because if you keep it hid,at least you'll have the person your side and know he's not going anywhere, other than that things may fall apart.

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