A Twist In My Story

January 24, 2009
And through the empty eyes I see,
That the world seems to change around me,
The routines I find no longer stay the same,
And the things I dream stay further away,
For they say the little things are the things that count,
And as they change, as does the value amount,
It does not make sense, not any more,
For my perception of things, has changed so much I cannot ignore,
My priorities have been twisted around,
Where the fun and the work are all mixed abound,
Where was the excitement and the energy that coursed?
With the people that were always happy and felt no remorse,
For I feel that my perceptions are getting old,
For I’m living at a point, where the world starts getting cold,
And although the river flow is being blocked by the dam,
The water will eventually breach and stopped being jammed,
And everything will start going with the flow,
But nothing goes right, not how you know.

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poetrylover2456 said...
Feb. 6, 2009 at 4:55 am
Wow, it's an amazing poem. I really do connect to this. It's also great that it rhymes.
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