Look at me

January 23, 2009
By Joseph Hall, Aurora, CO

Look at me and tell me what you see? You the things I can not see; the things you see ca be oh so great but the things I see are oh so sad.

Look at me an tell me what you see? You see a young man so angry at the world. but open a book to that young man An i willreceive a better life.

Look at me an that one book.... that one book will enhance my mind for i can be full instead of half.

Look at me an tell me what you see? You see an attitude that shows why should i care about the world if the world does not care about me.
But with patience that attitude changes an makes me succesful an puts a smile on my face an one on yours,
but listen to me and you will see that the consciences of mind will show that I have become the man that I am supposed to be.

Look at me what do you see? You see the change of a boy into a man which makes me the man I should have been an now tell me what do you see?

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this peice is that you can change into a better person if you want to. An that if the world is coming down on you an you find a good path to life take it.

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