Loves me like a friend

January 23, 2009
By Shira Hereld, Cheshire, CT

He has to kiss my hand the first time he takes me to a movie

Just when he's picking me up
With or without flowers,

(later on flowers are must)
He'll know how to cheer me up when I'm sad
And what makes me happy

He can make me laugh and tickle me till I cry
And holds hands when we walk on a street together
He loves me for who I am

Not what he wants me to be
and isn't afraid to disagree with me about movies or books or even important things like politics or marriage

and thinks a kiss means more than just physical affection

but might rather kiss me on the cheek
because it's much more intimate

he'll watch romantic comedies with me
even if he
hates them almost as much

as he hates my music

and he'll teach me to skateboard

and I can put my arms around his waist when we bicycle together
and he holds me tight in a slow dance
so I feel as if he will never let me go

he knows all the little romantic gestures I love

and all of my pet peeves
which he only teases me about
a litle because he knows it will make me angry
but never teases me about the things that

and he knows I'm self-conscious but helps me

master it
and holds open doors for me

and is nice to waitresses and leaves big tips
and might split the bill sometimes

but always buys the best presents
and picnics in the park with me
and picks apples
and never gets jealous even if I sit on a lap
because we know each other so well
that we could draw each other in our minds
and can practically think the same
and treats me like a sister
loves me like a friend
kisses like a lover
and listens when I talk, talks because I listen
and never just nods and says "Ignore them"
and never listens to them
only to me and himself

and we'll never really be apart
because we always think about one another
and when he kisses my hand that first date

it'll be because he spoke to my friends

about why I like boys to do on dates
and memorized my list to the letter
and will never forget the way I smelled
when he sat next to me the whole movie
and only stared at me, drinking in my sight
the way I drank in his whenever I thought he wasn't looking

but he was looking

and he always looks

and it makes me feel beautiful

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This article has 1 comment.

on Feb. 13 2009 at 7:27 am
You are SO LUCKY if you have a guy like that Save me one (JK) I also love your writing style a lot its unique and different and it keeps the reader interested in the story you tell. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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