There's a Difference

January 23, 2009
By Sarah Smith, Jacksonville, FL

There’s a difference between
Loving someone with all your heart
And holding on to a hope in your heart that you love them

There’s a difference between
Seeing the glass half full
And believing that it will always be half empty

There’s a difference between
Leading your life
And your life leading you

There’s a difference between
Devoting yourself to someone
And them devoting themselves to you

There’s a difference between
Wishing you would’ve done something
And wishing you hadn’t

There’s a difference between
Safety in you heart
And your heart being safe

There’s a difference
In this world today
And what we wish it could be

But there is one thing different
That I think you should know

There is a difference between
Being in the world
And being of the world

Think about it

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece thinking of that thin line between right and wrong that is almost invisible to most. That in our lives we can confuse ourselves and percieve things many ways but it all comes down to one truth: you can let yourself be controlled by this world or you can be the driver of your own car and lead yourself to where you need to be knowing the difference of belonging to yourself or belonging to the world.

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