The Peach Tree

January 23, 2009
By Sarah Sorensen, Everett, WA

Four little kids play around the old peach tree
The tree is covered with juicy fruit
They laugh together, gathered under the shade of the tree

Juice is running down their faces as they eat the peaches
Their fingers are sticky, but they don’t mind
Four best friends on a lazy summer day, how can things possibly change

Four little kids grow up
Too old to play outside together
As they grow up, they grow apart

The old peach tree is cut down
Nobody really cares, it’s no big deal
Only a stump remains

Nobody gives the stump a passing glance
As though it weren’t there, and although it isn’t much
It still holds the memories of four best friends on a hot, lazy summer day

The author's comments:
i guess my 3 siblings inspired me to write this... we used to be pretty close but we've grown some what apart.

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