Once (Copychanged from Mark Halliday's Before)

January 23, 2009
By Rachel Manssur, Clarkston, MI

Copy changed from Mark Halliday’s ‘Before’

Once your were you
Once your face appeared in my 3rd grade class
Once you came to my sleepover in purple p.j.’s

Once you kept my secrets to yourself
While I kept your secrets to myself
Once your original style impressed

Once your fun, energetic personality said
“We’ll make a dance to ‘The Year 3000’,
Once you made me wonder how to be so crazy

When we jumped on your trampoline on a hot summer’s day
With a sprinkler and our colorful swimsuits
Throughout the day screaming and hysterically laughing

And once your words were so cruel to my face
And before St. Joseph’s during our childhood
And before our gossiping experiences during recess

Prior to your silver bracelets and bangles
Prior to my home is your home
And before your face was too cool for mine

And before your unique style
When you asked about being best friends
And once you said “Fabulous”

Once all this existed
Now more careful and guarded is my heart

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