This is Life!

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Some things maybe beyond my
Understandings and knowledge
But that is why we are human
Brought down to earth
To learn human nature,
Understand one another,
Love what we have,
Achieve what we want,
Make a difference,
And live life to its fullest.
And yet people are still confused about,
“What is life?”
They seem unconscious and clueless
But still insisting on living
Life the way they do.
Not ready to open to open their minds
To new ideas and nor are they ready
To open their hearts
To understand and feel
The pain and love of human kind.

The author's comments:
Hi I am just another average 14 year old girl who views life beyond what is acually shown by other people. I sometimes can't help notice while I am walking the the street that some people have just forgotten what life truely is. You would think that day by day people will start getting a clue of the meaning of "Life" but no. People are still confussed and sometimes it just seems that people haven't only forgotten what life is but have also forgotten what is humanity. In conclusion I just wanted to let people know what I think life is hoping for people to get the best out of my piece and see a little bit of change in the future.

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