Love Burn

January 23, 2009
By Allante Linton, Philadelphia, PA

Im tore I need some neospore Im bleedin loose cuz the wounds are still open from verbal abuse and the salt sticks inside of my exposed eye and travels inside my brain fluid and sucks my mind dry which makes me lightheaded and im Officially labeled junk and if i don't fight my battles then ima punk then im knocked down and stumped and thrown in the trunk then the trash man comes and throws me in wit the bums they quick to say im a hater they think i write misery on paper they think ima throw in the towel sooner or later but im provin em wrong im provin em so wrong i was at a weak point but i came back so strong now the paper's on the table and the pen's in my hand now im fierce as a lion cuz I've got a plan and im followin thru even if you don't understand and im still gone write cuz i ain't asked to be liked fuss if you don't like me be a jerk all ya life cuz as i have said before my eye is on the prize no you may not jump on the badwagon you may stay behind if you wit me then stay wit me you will not waste my time my writing is too pretty so i don't care if im not a dime ima still ink it down till i reach the bottom line i won't stop what i do im steady breakin my spine cuz im doin wateva it takes to get mine so im goin hard like every night so don't grit cha teeth when my name in neon lights ight

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