I'll Read You Like A Storybook and You'll Crack Me Open Like The Spine

January 23, 2009
By Jessica Barnwell, Bel Alton, MD

Mad as a hatter you pace the pews,
Gripping and holding fast to familiar morals
That have been scarred and impacted on your fragile skeleton.
You devour the words that you had been taught,
By uptight angelic citizens of the dying land.
Learn the trait,
Speak the tongue,
Love the concept.
Stamp epic failure across your conforming chest.
For you aren't, won't, ever, be her.
Wonderland is a far way from home,
And never once have you wanted to flee more.
Crippling and struggling you need to breathe.
Get out, experience, and taste reality.
But no place like home has been brought up.
For when the day meets the night,
You know, she knows, no one knows
How Alice weaseled her way out of the rabbit hole,
And into the new light of your life.

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