Her Dark Bangs

January 23, 2009
By Robert Learmont, Grand Rapids, MN

On the eve of the winter night
The clouds reflect the streetlights' glow
The cold wind sounds an eerie howl
As it flows through broken warehouse window

Through her dark bangs
Lain across a pretty face
And soft green eyes
She looks down the alley

He limps toward her, his pants full of holes
Beat by a restrictive father
His trembling hand holds two pieces of paper
One neatly folded, the other one crumbled

She grabs the two papers
But the wind steals the neat one
He hugs her tight
And then walks away

As she walks to her car
She uncrumbles the paper
She sits down at the wheel
And pauses to read

Under her dark bangs
As she reads the note
Two waterfalls flow
And they freeze on her nose

She reads: "Idiot, I hate you.
You're a slut, and I
Don't need you you.

She starts her car
And presses the gas
And soon her dark bangs
Will be soaked in her blood

She speeds toward a streetlight
And closes her eyes
She feels mostly nothing
As she breathes her last breath

He walks back to the place
Where the wind stole his paper
He finds it and takes it
To put over her heart

When they pull him off her
They read his last words
"Idiot= Baby, Don't = Always,
Slut = Angel, Hate = Love"

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