I've Lost Control Again

January 23, 2009
I've lost control again
this time, i fear never to be regained
for my heart has left, and fallen in love
and left me for dead on the wayside
I can only live around you
and my heart is near again
it follows you like a puppet after its master
It's left before but never like this
so far, yet so close, so close, but so far out of reach
when your far from me, my blood is ice
but when you come near trailing my heart
my blood melts and starts to boil
your sheer beauty strikes me breathless
my heartbeat turns to Niagara Falls in my ears
then my fingers and foot starts to tap, faster and faster
until you turn and walk away, trailing my heart
my heart is lost to me for forever
because our friendship is worth more than anything to me
its too much to risk, saying fate's wonderful words
so I'm gonna learn to live without my heart
because you have it, know it or not
so as you can see, I've lost control again
because my heart has fallen in love with an angel
who is so far out of my league, I dare not go for it
we are too good of friends, to risk it
I know it's been a novel, but
no matter how long or good it sounds
it can never be long or good enough to
voice my true feelings
I've lost control again for the last time
because it is gone for forever

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