Word Dropping

January 23, 2009
By Gus Stewart, CINCINNATI, OH

My name is Ned
I lie in bed
Today I said
That my favorite color is ...blue

My name is Tim
You dunk on a rim
My girlfriend is Kim
You play basketball in a ..lot

In a nearby park
We hear dogs bark
We played against Mark and Clark
We played until it got ...late

We could have some fun me and you
We an count by threes, fours, and twos
We can go outside and explore kangaroos
After I get a new pair of ..socks

We can go somewhere and play by a dock
Draw pictures witha piece of chalk
Let's go somewhere and talk
Right after I get my gym ...clothes

Let's go into town
I'm too afraid to drown
So try not to be so down
The scariest thing at the circus is a ..tiger

We must learn to love
Learn lessons from above
Your friendship fits like a glove
The bird of peace should be a ..dove!

The author's comments:
This was a fun poem that I whipped out for my Art of Listening/Speech class. I also read it for the Poetry Jam rading at school.

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