Sipping Sadness

January 23, 2009
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Cradle that bottle,
Just one more time,
Just one more sip,
You’ll be fine,
Coming closer,
to the dazed feeling,
But all I hear,
is your screaming,
Your yelling,
Your pleading,
To take it all away,
There was nothing good,
To begin with,
You say,
But look into those,
Dazzling blue eyes,
And tell me she isn’t something to live for,
To die for,
But this love is not for her,
Leave this smoky room,
Climb into your own bed,
Stop your own madness,
Stop the tears you shed,
Throw this monster out of your life,
And find the light you lost,
Because if you don’t do it know,
It will be her love and future,
That it will cost.

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