Sun Light Longings

January 23, 2009
By Abby Bridges, Lakeland, MN


The warmness surrounds me
and the sunlight beats down upon my heart

For once,
I am happy
Truly happy
Nothing fake, only true love

Then in an instant it is gone
Like a flame blown out on a candle
No trace of the surrounding warmness
All that is left is the dark, cold

Do you try to torment me with these frequent visits
Or do you not even care what your do to my heart

I’d rather see you every day,
And have me heart get used to the pain
So that it is numb and nothing effects it

Or not see you at all,
To prevent the breaking
But leaving the longing

Than see you every so often
So that is sets my heart to breaking every time you leave
Leaving the pain,
And even more wanting

But I suppose complaining is not the answer
So I shall bear the pain

If only it can bring me happiness for a short time
The warmth, and comfort
The time turns into a blur of laughter, and fun

But soon it will be stifled,
As it always is
Soon it will come to an end

And I will be left in the dark,
The cold merciless dark
In a cruel world that doesn’t understand
And only judges

It understands me,
My pain, and sorrow
My feelings and emotions
It never makes me feel like I’m any less than I am
It makes me happy to be myself

But that’s just it
It is only that
A sun light longing
On those brief occasions
Of which are filled with the warmth of friendship, and love

It shall always be
And forever more
A longing

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