Ship Wreck

January 23, 2009
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I know you true feelings from what I have found,
The tide has come in,
believe it or not,
I did not drown,
In your mixed feelings about me,
If you liked me or not,
Confused by the signs,
which my heart,
I fought,
My heart was a ship wreck,
I clinged to the rocks,
I was lifted out of the sea,
And dumped onto the docks,
As I laid there,
feeling my face getting hotter,
Filled with the want and desire,
I felt like a fish out of water,
I sat there and looked at you,
As my heart began to flutter,
All I could do,
Was sit there and sputter,
To try and find the words,
That I need not say,
Even thou I know,
They will not matter to you anyway,
Every time you hurt me,
Meaning to or not,
But trust me my friend,
You thought I forgot,
About how I was such a fool,
In your eyes I get lost,
and I come rebounding back,
Every time I look at you,
I know I have to pay the cost,
Because the feelings I have are true,
I have finally found the words that I couldn’t say,
Read my lips,
I hate you.

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