She laughs

January 23, 2009
By Brooke Johnston, Columbus, MT

There are many things I remember mostly things I've always envied,
like the way she cheered, her beauty, and artistic ability.
Even more so I cherish our memories together.
Her favorites being talking in British accents, running into Mrs. Martin while getting nachos,
and me getting scared on the Winnie the Pooh ride.
Or the memories I recall too much.
Eating dough nuts on a cold California morning, going to Vons and almost dying of heat stroke,
rockstars and sushi, and always choir.
The thing I remember most often is the way she laughed.
Her enthusiasm rippling through her long blonde hair while she brought her left hand to her mouth.
The infectious laugh escaping from her head tilted toward the hot summer sun.
Every once and awhile the joke would be too much to bear,
tears would stream down her face and a knee would pop to a forty-five degree angle.
My all time favorite thing is that we never grow apart no matter how far the distance.
As far as I am concerned we will always be connected.

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