Never Forget

January 23, 2009
By cpeaceh SILVER, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
cpeaceh SILVER, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
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Never Forget
The Simpleness
The easy age
Pretty Blue Eyes
Untamed blond hair
You could be messy
You could be wild
But it didn't matter
Because you were just a child
They say you're still young
Your heart feels stung
They contradict themselves'
"You're still a kid,"
"You're suppose to be the big sib,"
Loosing the ones i thought i could look up to
No ones perfect
Everyone makes mistakes
But everyone is taking it to far
To young to go to the bar
At fourteen--
They're drunk, They're high
My friends friends they're lost
I am too
Is this the cost, to fit in?
Having sex, and drinking gin?
The best years of you life
Is what they say
Laying around, sitting about
We barely amount to what we are suppose to be
Trying to see, things we shouldn't
Doing things we thought we couldn't
Never Forget
The simpleness
The easy age
Because now the page has turned
And its all changed

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