Hard Times

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

As I go through life I wonder if I will ever find my Heart,
Most of the time when I ask myself who am I, I have no answer,
But as I look at myself all I see is a little lost Boy waiting for his mom to come back and pick him up and fill his Broken heart with love, but as he stands there he wonders if his mom really did die and because of her dying he can never see her again, and he also wonders if his heart will ever be filled with the loving he needs to move on and be a better person instead of being stuck behind this metal wall waiting for his mom to relieve him from this pain, but as he grows up he learns things on his own and never had a chance to talk to anyone about his life the way he thought would help him so for a very long time he thought that he is stuck in quicksand and has no way to escape it, and as he tries to tell himself that its not that bad he sinks deeper and deeper into it, so as the boy keep going on and on about how he wants his mom to come back he gets even more depressed and shuts down on everybody, but as the boy looks up he says that right now I am having hard times and I am Disappear…

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