January 23, 2009
By Katelyn Pacetti, Callahan, FL

the worls is coming down like i never knew. i felt like a tiny shrew
they all hated me. for what had i done wrong?
i tried over and over again, and over again. u i could not decide.
what shalt i do for nothing was to be said!
so i shall give in. i shall try again
i decided i would try so i got up the courage. but i shall not lie.
i asked what was wrong!
then it was over.
it was thier plan for me two die

The author's comments:
the reason why i wrote this poem was because when me and my friends were having this really big fight and i had so many emotions in my body i was about to explode so i sat down in my room and began to write then my friends and my teacher liked it so they wanted me to publish it.

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