The Fight

January 23, 2009
By Jeff Holmes, Ivoryton, CT

The hat flew through the air,
The hat he wanted to wear,
He went to go fetch it,
He was not ready I admit,
A crumb landed on his cheek,
He stood up ready to freak,
His body tumbled over a chair,
We all could not help but stare,
He turned his face to reveal,
The blood he was not able to conceal,
He rolled in pain turning this way ad that,
To thik this started from a hat,
We looked at each-other asking "what's next?",
But nothing came to mind as we were perplexed,
The nurse came rushing toward us,
Trying to clean up this mess,
She worked to clean his nasty cut,
For I no longer wished to dine at Pizza Hut,
An ambulance would have to be called,
For the fact that his face was mauled,
My friend looked at us with confusion,
As if he was in a state of allusion,
The ambulance here, ready to go,
The attacker turned to say "No hard feelings bro,"
Our time here is now done,
They tightened his straps, so not to be undone,
I watched my friend leave in terror,
For this was a fateful error,
Their friendship, forever broken,
As they were both, soft-spoken

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