January 23, 2009
By Casey Lawrence, St. Almbans, ME


Innocence is so beautiful
Then we grow old
Oh so dreadful

My hair was cheerful
Now it’s lost its hold
Innocence is so beautiful

My youth was dismal
Now I feel so cold
Oh so dreadful

My body was faithful
Now I can’t fold
Innocence is so beautiful

I feel so miserable
Thought it be like gold
Oh so dreadful

Grasping I’m mortal
Was it foretold?
Oh so dreadful
Innocence is so beautiful

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Winkumpaw said...
on Feb. 7 2009 at 2:45 am
This is pretty good and strikes home to one who is past sixty. Funny a young person could imagine what it's like to have your body sort of give up on you. I guess it's not really dreadful so much as it just happens and you learn to deal with it. Folding, getting up, bending remember how easy those motions were at one time. Maybe he was watching his grandparent got through the day?

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