Orange Tree

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

During the moments before dusk and the anticipation for sunsets,
I cherish you.

You are my never-ending season bringing me generous fruit.
You are my companion rooted beside me, while I lay relaxed against your layers.

In former days, I remember being bruised by your naive orange,
For I enjoyed chasing ducks, but you saw the spitefulness once concealed within me.

Respect to living creatures was your first lesson to me.
Recalling the days that followed after our first stares, we soon found ourselves trying to grow up fast on this tiny Mediterranean island.

This island once divided us to go our separate ways.
It was the beginning of a bitter war that forced me to become a soldier.

Orange seeds of mine once settled into the parched earth seventy years ago.
Orange tree roots I hope will someday reach your perished body--rebirth of a wife I loved, will soon take shape....

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