Letting Go of a Secret

January 23, 2009
By caroline harrison, Shoreline, WA

People tell their lies,
And I keep my truths.
Where no one can find them,
And no one can take them,
They are mine and mine alone.
They hold me down,
Hold me back,
Keep me safe,
Keep me afraid.
They are my weakness and my strength.
Protecting me,
Attacking me,
I push them back.
Farther, Farther,
Until they are a spot on the horizon,
And I can barely see them.
But no matter how much I distance myself,
I still know they’re there.
People tell me too many things,
Secrets I don’t need,
I see too much,
I know too much,
I push all it all back,
To where I won’t think about it,
Only feel it.
These secrets need to get out.
Before they drag me down farther,
Before they consume me,
And make me forget all else.
I need to let them go,
Like a tree with one dead branch,
I can still grow.
So even if it’s painful,
I have to let this go

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