The Breaking Point

January 23, 2009
What happens when we break?
Do we pick up the pieces?
Or leave them where they are?
When we no longer talk,
And all we know is closed doors.
Do we give up,
And change ourselves?

What happens when we think,
Of everything we’ve lost
Of what’s been taken from us
And of what we’ve let go
Will we be glad?
Or more alone than ever before.

Why do we continue,
On this path that we made but did not choose.
With heavy feet and regret on our backs,
We march on,
If only to keep moving.
There is no forward,
And there is no end.

And we keep going,
Even if every step cracks our shells a little more.
Because it’s all we know how to do,
and all we are here for.
We can’t change,
and we can’t stop.
We can only break,
again, and again.
Until we can’t be mended anymore.

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