familiar with love?

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

You know that feeling? It’s the feeling when that girl, that guy, whoever it is, you know? Kisses you…
What do you lose?
Control? Insecurity?Being unhappy?
Wait…those are all good, but what do you gain?
It hurts. Doesn’t it? Knowing that the one person you want to kiss can’t really take anything away from you?
But wait…they can!
They can take your heart, but that’s all you have to give, a lonely cold heart
Give it up, why don’t you?
When will that feeling familiarize itself again? Why can’t it come back?
I know why, I moved on, you moved on…
New things, better people, better life, but one thing I don’t get is…
What’s the worth of pretending when in reality, honesty is most important
Just go , leave me, but know that it’s not just me your leaving, it’s you, because you are to me as what I see in you
Think about that, and don’t let it stop you, because truthfully you know what you want,
You want to go and heck, I’m fine with it, but let me know when that feeling comes back,
Let me know when I can feel that kiss, that little peck, the feeling that makes my world, my safety, satisfaction, reliance, and all of the above reappear
Because girl, I will be waiting, you can count on that…but you need to feel what I felt…
The struggle, pain, and wanting of one person, and oh I promise you will feel that, don’t you worry, I will make you feel that
I will make you feel it, till you want what I want now, and when you want it, and go through this, I will want it again too
We will be together, our own world, like land and ocean, finally, reunited, with just one feeling.
Now do you know that feeling?

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