January 22, 2009
By Kaitlyn Gaffney, Thousand Oaks, CA

The breeze tickles my cheek
The sun warms my skin
The morning whispers to my mind
That today is a good day
The splashing of water
The chatting of children
The music of early birds sings to my heart
That summer is in full swing
The green of the ivy
The yellow of the flowers
All of nature is a painting,
A painting of today.
The bittersweet swallow of lemonade
The sugary bite of a strawberry
The taste of summer
Is a taste of everything
The sun beats down
Melting my inhibitions
The birds, the flowers, the lemonade
Urging me to take a risk
A risk to make this summer
Unlike any other
The risk I’ve been holding back since spring.
The same kind of risk the wind forces on the tallest palm tree
Teetering back and forth
Looking as if its about to snap
When all the while
Its having the time of its life
Swaying in summers heated kiss
The risk feels new
When really its been waiting
Waiting for this summer to begin.

The author's comments:
Summer has always been the time to take chances.

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